Weekend in Cannes

Have you ever heard about the famous city of Cannes, where famous actors win the equivalence of an Oscar, the Palme d’Or in the Côte d’Azur?

La Croisette by Night
Photo by Julien Magne

It would be a great idea to go and visit Cannes. You have sea and beaches very near to you with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

Cannes used to be and is a fishing village built in the second century BC by Greeks. When Canua (Cannes’ old name) was captured by the romans, the fishing village is now transformed into a port and protected the islands facing Canua, The Lerins Islands. After a Saracen invasion, the city was controlled by monks but around 1530, Cannes became independent. During the 18th century, the Spanish and British both tried to gain control of Iles de Lerins, but the French chased them away. Then, the island was then controlled by other people like the bishop of Fréjus. This island was also used as a hospital during the Crimean War. Henry Brougham, build some buildings in Cannes which attracted British Aristocracy. At the end of the 19th century, railways were built.

In Cannes, projects such as the Boulevard Carnot, the rue d'Antibes and the Carlton Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Cannes were carried out. With the 20th century came new luxury hotels such as the Miramar and the Martinez.

Cannes is a very touristic city.

Sainte Marguerite
Photo by zahikel

Luxury hotels like the Miramar hotel are on the bay, next to the promenade. There are tons of things to do in Cannes. You can simply take a walk along the beach and have an ice cream. While having a stroll on the promenade, don’t miss the Palais Festival. You can go and see films there or even, you may see actors. Or if you are a person who likes visiting museums, you can check out museums all over Cannes exposing, Roman remains. Something that you shouldn’t miss if you are going to Cannes is taking a catamaran to the Iles de Lerins and visit the fort and the famous museum with the Man in the Iron Mask cell. If you are sports like person, you can even go sailing!

By the bay of the city there are lots of very good restaurants to go to. There you can taste traditional Côte d’Azur food. You can taste Mediterranean fish. This has a very unique atmosphere. There is a vast menu to choose when you will be eating in Cannes.

Nigel Baldacchino

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