Weekend in Greenwich

One of the most intriguing and picturesque places in London.


London is one of Europe’s largest cities. With a diverse mix of people that makes it even more interesting. With markets, restaurants and the many faces that reflect its cultural diversity, it will certainly leave you with a lasting impression.

Although there are many places, it is Greenwich which is considered to be one of the most intriguing and picturesque places in London. For many this area of London is noted for being the origin of time. Greenwich is as far as time is concerned is the center of the world. No weekend trip to Greenwich can possibly be complete without an obligatory trip to the meridian line and the Greenwich Observatory.

No weekend can possibly be complete with a trip to the park itself, arguably one of the best of London’s many parks. Once you have finished your tour of Greenwich park, you can head into town and you’ll find some of the best restaurants in London. If you finish earlier you should definitely visit Greenwich market.

You can take yourself back centuries at the Discover Greenwich museum


Your second day in Greenwich will allow you to explore more that Greenwich has to offer. You could start by visiting one of the many museums. This area of London has many historical links, especially when it comes to the Royal Navy. You can visit the grounds of the Imperial College and find some historical treasures. You can take yourself back centuries at the Discover Greenwich museum, you might just surprise yourself as well as learn that there is so much more to this picturesque area of London.

Once you have completed your tour, there are more exhibits to see. The Cutty Sark is literally just around the corner. The Cutty Sark is now the only surviving tea clipper ship that was once used to bring back tea from as far afield as India. It is also something that really has come to symbolise Greenwich. This iconic vessel was once permanently moored on the Thames, now it resides in its very own multi million pound glass exhibit further inland.

You can now walk the decks of this beautifully restored ship that once travelled the world. This is an ideal continuation of your discovery of maritime history from Discover Greenwich, where you have already began to learn about the significance of Britain’s role in the high seas. If you have wanted to see some more of London there is the perfect walking tour that you can complete.

Opposite the Cutty Sark exhibit you will soon find the Greenwich Tunnel. This unique walking experience is the perfect way to cross the River Thames. Actually you will pass underneath the Thames in a pedestrian foot tunnel. The echoing of voices and footsteps for some makes the experience an eerie one. It is also alleged that the Greenwich Tunnel may well be haunted.

If you would like to discover Greenwich’s maritime history further, the National Maritime Museum is certainly worth a look. You can discover more about the maritime history of Greenwich and beyond.

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