Weekend to Torun

The best preserved medieval town in Europe and the home of Nicolaus Copernicus

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Torun does not have it's own airport but it's easy to commute to the town from any of the airports in close vicinity. For those of you who are curious, I think it's good to take two days for seeing the area. First of all, the town is really picturesque and lies at the banks of Vistula river. Take a stroll or a boat ride along the banks of the river, and visit the nature reserve on the 70 hectare Keba Bazarowa island. When you go into the inside of town, there is much more to see.

Apart from the unique historical architecture it's a must that you try out the famous Copernicus gingerbread cookies. If you want to learn more about them, have a visit to the Living Gingerbread Museum (Zywe Muzeum Piernika) and learn how to make gingerbread cookies yourself. Sweets, however, are not all about the town, and I would personally recommend you also a visit in the Mis bar on the old square, a bar themed in the old communist past

Go for a show in the town's planetarium to look at the stars


Within the town you can also pick from Torun's rich choice of exhibitions, go for a show in the town's planetarium to look at the stars, or go through the Folk Ethnographic Park to learn how people used to live in the villages in Poland.

There is also a 19th century military fortress for those who like military history, apart from the ruins of castles that remember the Teutonic Knights. Nonetheless, Torun is not the only place that is worth visiting in the area! Within 30 km range you can go to Chelmno to see the relicts of St. Valentine (yes, the guy after whose name we have the Valentine's Day!!), to Golub-Dobrzyn to see a good-looking and old castle, or to Inowrocław where you can find an intriguing structure called “graduation tower”.

Radoslaw Kowalski

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