Place du Tertre
What not to do in Paris
Some advice on what you should avoid while you're in Paris
Weekend in Greenwich
One of the most intriguing and picturesque places in London.
Tramonto a Santorini
Weekend in Santorini
Santorini, an island so beautiful it's ready to erupt.
Photo by Pedro Szekely
Weekend in Valencia
Valencia is well known for their most famous plate: “paella”. But also has a lot of treasures to discover.
Photo by Marc
Weekend in Lisbon
One of Portugal’s most precious gems: the capital.
Photo by fnkftw
City Break To Bologna
A city of millennial history that holds the secret of eternal youth
Photo by JJ_peg
Castello di Fenis
Weekend in Aosta
A weekend to discover the most famous medieval castle of the Aosta Valley
Weekend to Torun
The best preserved medieval town in Europe and the home of Nicolaus Copernicus
Photo by Peter
Weekend in Bucharest
A modern city with a mixture of architectural styles and cultures.
Torre Eiffel al tramonto
Weekend in Paris
Paris is the capital city of France. It is famous worldwide for being one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Are you looking for somewhere to spend your next weekend?

Every week, Weekenda offers you new locations, regions and themed adventures to choose from (romantic weekends, artistic cities, relaxing weekends, wine tours, etc...)
For everyone who, because of a lack of time or money can't afford a weeklong vacation, there are a thousand ways to make the weekend a chance to unplug, visit new cultures, savor never before seen cuisine, to relax in soothing spas, or to spend a few days alone with your partner away from the daily grind.

Last paths included Choose the weekend that suits you

Heldenplatz, Vienna
Photo by Suzanne
What to see in artistic Vienna.
Photo by nmhgfdgjyt
A lot of original ideas for your weekend.
Romantico bed and breakfast
bed and breakfast
Photo by Monument076
The most romantic bed and breakfast, ideal for a romantic getaway.

Latest cities included Choose now and plan your weekend.

A weekend in one of lake Como's most romantic locations
A weekend to discover the most famous medieval castle of the Aosta Valley
Photo by Mo
An weekend excursion right above Trapani
Between ancient and modern, fantasy and reality: Rimini is all this and much more

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