Weekend to Torun
The best preserved medieval town in Europe and the home of Nicolaus Copernicus
Photo by Peter
Castello di Schonbrunn, Vienna
Vienna in a Day
The best itinerary to see the most of what Vienna has to offer
Photo by Fèlix
Costanza al tramonto
Weekend in Constanta
An ancient city, and Romania’s largest sea port, Constanta lies in the Dobruja region of Romania on the Black Sea coast.
Photo by pozek
Weekend in Uppsala
One of Sweden's most fascinating cities, with young inhabitants but a story that has very ancient roots.
Photo by J. A. Alcaide
Tempio di Ercole (Sicilia)
Weekend in Agrigento
Agrigento is famous for its Valley of Temples, a remnant of majestic Ancient Greece
Hyde Park
Romantic Weekend in London
Have you decided on romance in London? Here are some suggestions.
Photo by Prad Patel
Cattedrale di Santiago de Compostela
Weekend in Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim final destination.
Photo by N. Feans
Place Dupuy - Tolosa
Weekend in Toulouse
Known as the “ville rose” (pink city) due to its grand Renaissance-style pink brick buildings, Toulouse has the title ‘Cassoulet Capital’.
Weekend in Brasov
Ideally located between the mountains, Brasov features a first class architectural spectacle.
Photo by Sorin Mutu
La piazza del Municipio di Castell'Arquato
Weekend in Castell'Arquato
A day in Castell'Arquato, one of Italy's most beautiful towns, just a step away from Piacenza
Photo by Giovanni

Are you looking for somewhere to spend your next weekend?

Every week, Weekenda offers you new locations, regions and themed adventures to choose from (romantic weekends, artistic cities, relaxing weekends, wine tours, etc...)
For everyone who, because of a lack of time or money can't afford a weeklong vacation, there are a thousand ways to make the weekend a chance to unplug, visit new cultures, savor never before seen cuisine, to relax in soothing spas, or to spend a few days alone with your partner away from the daily grind.

Last paths included Choose the weekend that suits you

last minute
last minute
Can an intriguing last minute weekend, with little to no planning, be possible?
Photo by Unknown
Photo by Giorgio___
Lakes galore, from the Alps to the Appenines.
Photo by Tommy Clark
A weekend in the countryside among nature and flavour.

Latest cities included Choose now and plan your weekend.

A weekend in one of lake Como's most romantic locations
A weekend to discover the most famous medieval castle of the Aosta Valley
Photo by Mo
An weekend excursion right above Trapani
Between ancient and modern, fantasy and reality: Rimini is all this and much more

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