Case di Sighisoara
Weekend in Sighisoara
One of the most preserved citadels in Europe and the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, Sighisoara paints a surreal bygone world.
Photo by opalpeterliu
Weekend in Lisbon
One of Portugal’s most precious gems: the capital.
Photo by fnkftw
Weekend in Greenwich
One of the most intriguing and picturesque places in London.
Gargoyles osservano Parigi
Spooky Weekend in Paris
If you're looking for a spooky Parisian weekend, you don't need to wait for the dense 'noir' winter. You just need to know where to go.
Photo by @darthmauldds
Place du Tertre
What not to do in Paris
Some advice on what you should avoid while you're in Paris
Westminster - Londra
Weekend in London
If you plan to visit London, it is important to plan well so you make the most use of the time you have to spend in the ancient, modern city.
Castello di Dracula
Weekend in Bran
Backed by Bucegi Mountains and facing the flatlands, Bran is an impressive Gothic castle and an inspiration for Dracula’s bloody legends.
Photo by Horia Varlan
Vista panoramica del mare di Rodi
Weekend in Rhodes
Time for a sneak peek of Rhodes in Greece, the island of the knights.
L'isola di San Giorno - Piazza San Marco Venezia
Weekend in Venice
A weekend in Venice, universally known as the city of lovers
Photo by Juan Rubiano
Torre Eiffel al tramonto
Weekend in Paris
Paris is the capital city of France. It is famous worldwide for being one of the most romantic cities in the world.

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Every week, Weekenda offers you new locations, regions and themed adventures to choose from (romantic weekends, artistic cities, relaxing weekends, wine tours, etc...)
For everyone who, because of a lack of time or money can't afford a weeklong vacation, there are a thousand ways to make the weekend a chance to unplug, visit new cultures, savor never before seen cuisine, to relax in soothing spas, or to spend a few days alone with your partner away from the daily grind.

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Veduta di Barcellona dalla terrazza del Park Guell
Photo by MorBCN
Weekend in Barcelona
the mountains
the mountains
Nature's majesty is expressed perfectly in these splendid mountainsides.
Heldenplatz, Vienna
Photo by Suzanne
What to see in artistic Vienna.
Creazione di Adamo,  Michelangelo Buonarroti, Cappella Sistina, Musei Vaticani, Roma.
art cities
Photo by Wikipedia
Reviews and curiosity of the most beautiful works of art in the Italian and European museums.

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A weekend in one of lake Como's most romantic locations
A weekend to discover the most famous medieval castle of the Aosta Valley
Photo by Mo
An weekend excursion right above Trapani
Between ancient and modern, fantasy and reality: Rimini is all this and much more

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