Weekend in Constanta

An ancient city, and Romania’s largest sea port, Constanta lies in the Dobruja region of Romania on the Black Sea coast.

Landscape of Constanta
Photo by pozek

Constanta is one of the fourth largest cities after Bucharest, and number over 400 thousands people. Because is the oldest city in the country, many historical monuments and ancient ruins can be an attraction and very interesting sights.  Among them I can mention the “Casino”, which is a symbol of the city, located on the sea cliff, proximity to Tomis port and navy headquarter, and has a sumptuous architecture and a beautiful view of the sea. Aquarium although not the only one in Romania is the largest, and has 57 expositions with different species of fish and various sea animals.

Islam is numerous in Constanta compared to other cities in Romania, so another two sights worthy of mention are “Carol I Mosque” and “ The Ottoman Hunchiar Mosque”. Ovid’s square is in the cross streets place where you can see the statue of a very well-known poet Ovidius, sharing the same square with “The National Museum of History and Archeology”, a museum that you shouldn’t miss. The dolphinarium is among the most visited touristic sights in Constanta, and is the only place in Romania where you can see dolphins, sea lions and penguins together in a wonderful show .

The Planetarium is another place, where you can spend your time, watching at the whole solar system projected on an artificial vault. Beside the museum mentioned above Constanta owns more many museums like Sea museum,  sculpture museum. An open top double decker  will show you the city on a tour when you can feel the sea breeze through you hair mostly during summer time.

Mamaia is a small town in the north side of Constanta, and probably the most crowded sea station on the entirely beach coast.

Mamaia beach
Photo by philmensch

Mamaia is known for its beaches where you can spend your day lying on a lounge chair listening to lounge music and let the sun burn your skin.  Mamaia’s beaches are compared to Miami’s beaches, not only through the similarity of the station’s names, but because very beautiful girls are gathered together in single place for lazy days and party nights. And when I say party it might outrun even Ibiza, so if you are looking for party you better be here in the summer time.

Beaches like Ipanema, Babylonia, Crazy are just some of the places where you can drink a cocktail under an umbrella, or simply take a look at the girls that are marching past like on a fashion platform. If you are an adrenaline addict you also can do kite surfing, or wind surfing on special areas.

Like in the ancient Rome’s time, the mayor organize  pageants on different themes at which takes part, of course beautiful girls. So there are no reasons you shouldn’t be present at the this “big party” in this place for at least on whole summer.

Dragu Alexandru

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