Weekend in Bucharest

A modern city with a mixture of architectural styles and cultures.


Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is populated by 3 million people, and is known for its various entertainment places and a very colorful night life. While in other areas of the country traditional life style has been transmitted from a generation to another, Bucharest transformed itself into a modern city with a mixture of architectural styles and cultures.

As you stepped in the city from the airport located in Otopeni, a small town in the nearby, 5 km away, either by taxi or bus (recommended), it will be displayed in your right the house of media and in your left lake “Herastrau”. Forward on the main boulevard “The Arc of Triumph”, smaller than the one from Paris but not less important, stays up imposing in the middle of the gyratory. Once you reach, the middle town, you can choose one of the many 5 stars hotels like Radisson Blu, JW Marriot, Grand Hotel Continental or Palace Hilton, or many other accommodations   from booking or other sources at good prices. Once you checked in you can go out because many places are waiting to be visited.

You can begin your journey at a museum and the best is "Grigore Antipa",a restored zoological museum with exposition of stuffed animals. In the proximity there are 2 more museums, Geological and Rural museum. Also on an area of 5 km there are Aviation museum, History museum, Military museum and arts gallery. When you are done with museums, you can take a bike for a ride through one of the many parks and i recommend “Herastrau”, probably the biggest. Here you can rent a bike, or take the boat for a ride along the lake, or a water bicycle, or you can just walk and reenergize yourself. I also recommend the park “Tineretului” for its many little bridges across the lake and not only. If you find yourself in Bucharest during summer you can make a city tour by a roofless bus for just about 10 $, and i can tell you, it worth any penny.

As the night approaches you will find out the real night life of Bucharest

Photo by Marc Biarnès

As the night approaches you will find out the real night life of Bucharest right in the middle of it, more precisely, “The Old Town”, an area full of bars, clubs, karaoke places, terraces and whatever you want in a crowded place especially during summer when people party until morning.  

There’s probably nothing more alive than this place, either you want to dance, sing, drink, eat or have fun with beautiful girls. Romania is known for its beautiful women and Bucharest has no exception of that, considering that the third part of Bucharest’s population are students. Among the most crowded and entertaining clubs you can find names like “Expirat”, “Club A”, “Fire” especially for rockers, “Silver Church Club” where oldies and modern music are combined in an elegant way.
Another area where most of the students are living is “Regie”, a huge campus with many restaurants, karaoke clubs, live music bars and clubs displayed right next to “Dambovita” river. Names like “Club Maxx”, “Princess”, or “Dumars” make the area a big party arena. As a final tip for those who want to spend a little more money on exquisite and fine drinks and party beside gorgeous girls i recommend “Bamboo Club” and “Le GaGa” club both located near “Tei” lake.

Because next day you will be exhausted you can’t miss the great view of the Parliament building, the second in the world after Pentagon as size, maybe from your hotel room at 21th level of Intercontinental hotel or just in front of it from “Constitutiei” square.

Dragu Alexandru

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