Weekend in Brasov

Ideally located between the mountains, Brasov features a first class architectural spectacle.

Photo by Sorin Mutu

Also known as Kronstadt in German, Brasov is Romania’s 7th largest city, located almost in the heart of the country. Providing a mix of medieval history and beautiful mountain scenery, the city is as wonderful by summer as it is by winter. Due to its location in the Carpathian Mountains, temperatures during winter can be very low, even -15°C. Summers, though, can have temperatures that go up to 35°C.

The nearest airport that serves the city is Otopeni in Bucharest, 3 hours away by car. Otherwise, plenty of trains connect Brasov with major cities in Europe. Once here, the public transportation is very accurate and 40 bus lines serve the city. Taxis are also very cheap and very comfortable to explore the town’s hidden treasures.
Since tourists invade the city all year round, there are a lot of opportunities to eat good quality food. Even close to the city center, there are restaurants that satisfy any budget. Don’t forget to arrange accommodation before your arrival and maybe a couple of months ahead. The demand is very high, especially in the high season, but there are a lot of hotels, motels and even private owners that rent the entire flat or a room.

Culture aficionados will enjoy the plethora of cathedrals, towers and the narrowest street in Europe.

Photo by Nimrod Bar

The Rope Street is Europe’s narrowest street (4 feet wide), a little hard to find if you don’t have a map of the Old Town. There are plenty things to do here. Starting from the Old Town, visit the Black Church, the largest Gothic Church still used by German Lutherans. Don’t miss the old wall with its two towers (White and Black) and three of the remaining bastions (Graft, Weavers’ and Blacksmith) that surround the city center. Take the narrow streets of the Schei District and search the plethora of religious monuments and take a ride to the top of Tampa Mountain. The views over the city are spectacular. Reserve 3 hours for Aventura Park, the perfect location to climb the trees and enjoy the different trails.

The finest alpine resorts are very close to the city. Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga and Predeal can be covered in one day. While in Sinaia take an hour to visit the Peles and Pelisor Castles and in Busteni don’t miss Bucegi Mountains with its famous Babele, the Sphinx and the Caraiman Cross. Also, reserve a day to visit Rasnov’s Fortress and the famous Bran Castle, home of Dracula’s. The castle is built on a hill and it’s quite scary seen from outside.

Andreea Neagu

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