Weekend in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim final destination.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
Photo by N. Feans

Santiago de Compostela, this is the last stop on a pilgrim journey through “El Camino de Santiago”. An enchanted place, full of “meigas”(witches) and “conxuros”(spells). Believer or not, this city will put a spell on you!

Walking over the “rúas”(streets) and squares searching the cathedral it’s a must, but if want to be present at “La misa del pelegrino” and see how the “botafumeiro” spin around, wait until 12 pm. You can’t miss such unique ritual! The panoramic views on the top will leave you breathless.

Not so far, “El Mercado de Abastos” it’s the main and most traditional market (they’re closed on Sundays). Every Thursday and Friday you can know further about the Galician gastronomy on a tour, the tour includes a tasting.

In the same market you can fill the belly at “Punto Kente”, which just for a percentage of your market groceries, they prepare you the food with the fresh products of Galicia.

If you’re still hungry, just getting out the market any bar could be perfect for a “tapa” accompanied by delicious Galician bread.

A valid option could be a “tapas” tour and taste the famous “pulpo a feira”.

Octopus sliced into chunks and drizzled with lots of olive oil and spanish paprika
Photo by Rowena

Now it’s time to relax a little bit and the perfect option it’s a train tour which can afford you a relaxed view of this charming place.

Don’t forget the shopping time! You can take a piece of Galicia in your bag with their beautiful craftsmanship, goldsmilthing and silversmilthing or their delicatessen too.

Directly from “Las rías gallegas”, fresh fishes in “caldeirada”. You can’t miss this! Another option could be a “tapas” tour and taste the famous “pulpo a feira”.

Starting your engines with “licor café” or “queimada” will be a good choice, these are the most popular alcoholic drinks and you can taste both in almost any bar.

Rock and Star Wars lovers! Pay attention! “Tatooine” it’s the coolest place you’ll ever seen. A “Star Wars” themed bar you will love. I promise!

What a fun and exhausted day! To end proper, allow you a night walk through the city and say goodbye to such a majestic place.

Cristina Luzón

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